Department Presidency

Department Board

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abd al-Wahab.

Assist. Prof.Dr. Salah Aldeen Adnan

Prof. Khalid Salim Shabib.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayad Zwain Mohammed.

Assist. Prof. Dr.Jassim Kadim Hmood .

Assist. Prof. Dr.AbdlHadi Kadhim  Judran .

Assist. lect.  Ahmed Wael Abdulwahab.

Assist. lect. Roaa Shaker Mahmood

Head of Department
Prof. Dr .Mohammed Abd al-Wahab Minshid.

Date of receipt of post: 4-2-2015.
Speciality: Electrical Eng(electron).
Specialization: Laser Technology.

Scientific Associate Head
Assist. Prof.Dr. Salah Aldeen Adnan.

Date of receipt of post:27-7-2017
Major: (Electric-electronics) engineering.
Specialization:optoelectronics Engineering

Administrative Associate Head
Prof. Khalid Salim.

Date of receipt of office :24-6-2015.

Head of Laser Engineering Branch

Name: Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayad Zwayen
Date of receipt of office 13-6-2018.
Major: laser Engineering.
Specialization: Laser application

Head of Optoelectronics Engineering Branch

Assist. Prof. Dr.Jassim Kadim Hmood .
Date of receipt of office :.13-6-2018
Major: Electrical Engineering.
Specialization:optoelectronics Engineering

Tutor Representative

Assist. Prof. Dr. Razi Jaber Shageeth .
Major: Modeling and Simulation of computer.
               Specialization: Informatics’.                   

Quality Assurance Manager

Lect. Ahmed Wael.
Date of receipt of office :1-2-2015.
Major: Optoelectronics.
Specialization:communications engineering.

Department Coordinator

Assist Lect.Roaa Shaker Mahmood
Date of receipt of office :3-9-2018

Major: laser Engineering.

Specialization  : laser Engineering.


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