Department Activities for 2016-2017

 Lecturers Football Championship

Our football team won the (5/5/2016) football championship which was held on 2016/10/18 at the University Stadium (Tartan) in front of the team of computer science department. As a result of (6-2), the first match of our team was distributed goals between Dr. (Jalal) and (Ali Hamid), engineer (Hazem Ahmad) and engineer (Saddam Sabah).

 Al Zaman news paper

Assistant Professor Dr. Razi Jabr Shagith has published an article in Al-Zaman newspaper (5555) on Thursday 20 October 2016 under the title (Information Society Assets, Challenges and Trends)

 IYLAP workshop

A number of students from our department participated in a workshop on the IYLEP program on the cultural exchange of Iraqi youth leaders on Sunday, 2016/10/23 in the Hall of Control and Systems Engineering

 Thanks and appreciation

Assistant Professor Dr. Jassem Kazem Hamoud honored with a letter of thanks and appreciation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations for his blessed efforts in ending all the requirements for obtaining the doctorate within the minimum period.

 Quality Assurance Workshop

The Assistant lecturer (Ahmed Wael Abdel Wahab) - Director of the Quality Assurance and Performance Division in our department participated in a workshop on the topic (clo`s) held by Prof. Galal Mohamed Jalil in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering

 Honouring The Efforts

Prof. Khalid Salem Shabib, the administrative assistant in our department, received a book honoring the efforts of the President of the University of Technology in recognition of his sincere efforts exerted through cooperation with the American IREX organization to hold an exhibition of students' projects from engineering departments in our university.

 Al ZAMAN Newspaper

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Minshid published an article in Al-Zaman newspaper (5570) on Monday, November 7, 2016 under the title "The importance of laser applications in society".


Attendance of a number of teachers of our department for the seminar entitled "Proper handling and safety with nanomaterials in laboratories", which was held at the Nanotechnology Research Center.

 Scientific Seminar

Attendance of a number of teachers of our section of the scientific symposium marked (engineering training after graduation and its importance in the development of national industries) and established by the Training Center and laboratories, which were held on the Rehab Hall of Engineering Control.

 Free courses

The English Language Center, in cooperation with its Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow Up Division, will hold a free course for graduates of the Technological University entitled "Preparing the Graduates for the Labor Market" which aims to develop the skills and experiences of the graduate in writing CV,

1- From 8/1/2017 until 12/1/2017.

2- From 5/3/2017 until 9/3/2017.

 MSc. Discussion

The thesis of the master student (Haidar Makki Hamoudi), the engineer of laser engineering, was discussed about his thesis:

(Design and Construction of Transmitter and Receiver in Laser Communication)

On Thursday, 3/11/2016, the letter was accepted and the student was granted a master's degree.

 Diploma Discussion

The project of the high diploma student (Soha Abdullah Mahmoud), specialized in laser engineering and optical electronics, was discussed about her project entitled: (Design Wide gain Raman fiber amplifier) On Sunday, 6/11/2016, the project was accepted and the student was granted a higher diploma.