Department Activities for 2013-2014

 Scientific promotion

Dr. (Mohammed Jalal Abdul Razzaq) has been promote to the rank of Assistant Professor as of 26/11/2013.

 Thanks and appreciation

Mrs. Khansaa Jafar Sadiq received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the President of the University of Technology, in appreciation of her distinguished efforts in her work as director of registration in the department.


Invitation of Prof. Dr. Fareed Faris Rashid - Scientific Assistant in our department to give an invited speaker for the conference Decree:

(optics-2014) (second conference on laser, optics and photonics), held in Philadelphia, United States of America (September 8-10, 2014).

 Play on university Theatre

A student of the department participated in his play (citizen) on the university stage with a group of students of the university on 18/3/2014. The student (Sarah Mohamed Taleb) the branch of optoelectronics engineering - the second stage played several major roles in the play and played an old Iraqi song ) Has played its role accurately and brilliantly.

 Scientific trip

Lecturer Waid Yasser and the assistant lecturer (Ali Hamid) took their third stage application to the Institute, during which he was acquainted with the way in which the modern laboratory equipment and its applications were implemented in the University of Baghdad. Laboratory of treatment of laser materials and photon fiber laboratory The students also visited medical laser clinics and see the laser devices used in the treatment of eye diseases, teeth, kidney and kidney and clarify the process of treatment and laser identification used for each case.


Holding seminars within the curriculum of the cultural section for the academic year 2013-2014 as shown below:




Prof. Waleed Kaliaf

laser nanotechnology application in medicine


Asisstant Lect. Hayder Touran

experimental evaluation of characteristics temperature with varying duty cycles in 2Mm vertical cavity surface emitting laser due to experimental optical pumping


Prof. Mohammed Salih 

Laser ant the real concepts 


Asisstant Lecture Ali Hameed

photonic crystal fiber for sensing applications


Asisstant Lect. Ahmed Wael

energy efficient caching access networks




 Workshop visit

The head of the department (Dr.Mahmed Saleh Mahdi) accompanied by the assistants and the heads of the scientific branches and the scientific supervisor to train the students of our department visited the training center and laboratories on Monday, March 24, 2014 for the purpose of reviewing the students' affairs and discuss ways to develop the training process, During the visit, an agreement was reached to form a joint scientific committee to develop a special workshop to train laser specialists and a joint scientific committee to complete a scientific project presented by the head of the department and a committee to determine the possibility of benefiting from the workshops of the garage. G For the purpose of processing the section with the necessary material.

 Scientific promotion

The award of the late Dr. Mahmmed Hussein Ali / Department of Laser Engineering and Optoelectronics Scientific promotion to the rank of Honorary Professor as of 8/4/2014. "May God grant him peace, and his family and his students and his loved ones patience and solace"

 Training course

The participation of a number of employees of our department and listed below in the course of the English language intermediate, which was held in the English Language Center for the period from 23/3/2014 until 3/4/2014.



Engineer (Ruaa Shaker Mahmoud)

Engineer (Safa Salam Radi)

Programmer (Esraa Bashir Mohammed)

Writer (Tiba Sami Habib)

 Religion visit

The students of the final stage of the section participated in the special festival for graduates of Iraqi universities students on 19/4/2014 in Najaf under the supervision of the assistant teacher (Marwa Sabah Mohsen):


The student (Heba Bassil Ali)

Student (Haneen Zia Jabbar)

The student (Nour Mounir Ali)

The student (Zahra Akram Khalifa)

The student (Shahid Mahdi Sahib)

Student (Tahani Mohsen Hamoudi)

The student (Sorour Yasser)

The student (Huraa Ali Abd)


At the invitation of the Advisor of the Prime Minister to the Department of Laser and Optoelectronics to attend a symposium entitled "National Policy for Cyber ​​Security" and participated in the university technology team headed by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Mahdi and each of Dr. Farid Faris and Assistant Professor Dr. Sinan Majid Abdul Sattar with a number of professors And the University of Baghdad at the Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies. National Security Council - National Security Advisor, which was held for the period 20-21 April 2014.The idea of ​​establishing special defensive gateways for the protection and security of cybersecurity came to counter any possible attack on Internet providers and service providers As security secures the protection of electronic networks and ensures the rights of citizens.

 Conversation circle

The members of the teaching staff in our department participated in the workshop held by the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance at the University on 9/4/1431 AH. 2014 to discuss the work plan for peer discussion based on the establishment of engineering and scientific departments at the university to form committees for the review and evaluation of colleges in the corresponding universities.


Visiting Professor Montaser Mohsen of the University of Sussex, UK, gave a scientific symposium titled "Material for Non Linear Optics" on Sunday 18/5/2014 at 10:30 pm

 Training course

The participation of the faculty member in our department Assistant teacher (Ali Hamid Abdul Hadi) in the course of optical communication, which was established in the Center for Continuing Education for the period from 20-24 / 3/2014 and the acquisition of the second garage and the degree of 92

 General Assembly

The meeting of the General Assembly of the faculty members was held in our department on Monday 12/5/2014 in the presence of the distinguished president of the university and the head of department and all the faculty members of the department. The president of the university praised the department and the achievements made during the current academic year Scientific and equipped with the latest specialized laser equipment and has directed valuable guidance in the development of the teaching process and answered some of the questions of the members of the teaching staff in the department.

Then, the head of the department gave a scientific symposium titled "Laser is an invention or a discovery" and it was agreed to prepare a logo for the section, which is to put any light on the design of the agreed upon later and implemented and write the gold water at the expense of the employees of the section proof of the cohesion of the section members and their love for their department Dear.

  Religion festival

On the occasion of the birth of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), the students of our department participated in a celebration in celebration of the birth of Imam Ali on Sunday 18/5/2014. The ceremony included a recitation of the Holy Quran by the student (Saddam Sabah) and a poetry reading by Amir Rafat. Assistant Professor Dr. Kazem Abdul Huter gave a speech in which Imam Ali (peace be upon him) thanked the students for this good initiative. The student (Mohammad Ezzat) and the student (Sarah Mohammed) presented a souvenir to the head of the department on this occasion.


Send Assistant Professor Dr. Sinan Majid Abdul Sattar Teaching in our department to Germany University / Erlangen-Nuremberg program for the development of teaching staff outside Iraq and for a period of Month starting from 11/9/2014

 Course training

Listed below have started in the training course on elevators in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / Vocational Training Department for the period from 21/9/2014 to 2/10/2014

1 - Assistant Chief Engineer (Ali Abdel Aoun)

2 - Head of Technical Observers (Ahmad Ghareeb Tohma)

 Future Leaders Project

The participation of the gentlemen listed below in the Future Leaders Project in Baghdad and under the patronage of Mr. Baghdad Al-Tamimi, the respected governor of the University of Technology and at the University Theater for a period of 5 days as of 21/9/2014.

1 - Researcher Osama Zaid Faleh

2 - Student Shahad Sebhan

 Career Center

Introducing the graduate follow-up unit, which is related to the registration and student affairs department in our department, is interested in following up the graduates' affairs after graduation and maintaining the connection between them and the university


The participation of Associate Engineer (Safa Salam Radhi) member of the link to the website of our department in a workshop in the Center for Information Technology on Sunday, 21/9/2014 where they discussed some technical matters related to the websites of the university departments and ways to develop them also discussed sections sites in English and the need to activate The section will be evaluated on the day of the university and competition will be between the sections through the website in general and activation of the site in English in particular.