Department Activities for 2010-2011

 Human Rights

The number of students and employees in our department participated in the celebration which was held on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day at the University of Technology and on the university stage on Monday 19/12/2011

 President of the University of Technology visit our Department

The President of the University of Technology visited the Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering at the invitation of the Head of the Department (Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Mahdi) on Tuesday, 13/12/2011 and his Excellency toured the branches of the department and its laboratories accompanied by the head of the department and heads of scientific branches and met during his visit some students Postgraduate students who commended the facilities offered to them through their laboratories and laboratory equipment. He also met with the students of preliminary studies and spoke with them as their father. The meeting was also attended by the faculty members of the department, in which Dr. Mohammed Saleh Mahdi, the head of the department, reviewed the organizational structure, objectives and vision of the department. Mr. President of the University and then delivered the President of the University a speech urging the belonging to the homeland and the scientific institution and upgrading the educational level and the need for coordination with ministries and government departments also stressed the scientific research and its role in strengthening the relationship between the supervisor and the student studies, both inside the country or outside, Edde to overcome all the difficulties facing the role of a member of the teaching body.

 Indian Ambassador 

The Indian Ambassador and his accompanying delegation accompanied by the Scientific Assistant visited our department on Tuesday 22/11/2011, and was received by the head of the department and attended by the heads of the branches. The head of the department briefed the department and its possibilities with a visit to the laboratories.


 Computer literacy courses


 The team of the department of laser engineering and optical electronics


Course for the development of teaching staff for the preparatory stage of physics


 Holding the first youth festival under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports Eng


 The Department of Laser and Optical Electronics Engineering holds courses for employees of the Ministry of Education


 Five of the department's students were sent to India and Germany for training in laboratory equipment and equipment


 Meeting the invitation of the University of Belgrade by the President of the University and one of the teaching of the department (Dr. Eyad Zouen Mohammed)


 The participation of three of the teaching department in the preparation and preparation of systematic scientific methods for the Ministry of Education


 Participation of the department's staff in the developmental, administrative and teaching courses that the university centers have established in various specialties


 Mohammed Adnan published an article in the morning newspaper on October 22, 2011 entitled Effect of corn in the work of laser


 Student participation (Mohmin Jassim Mohammed) at the IEEE conference


 Participation in a number of sports activities at the university