Department Activities for 2020-2021


Training course / Azhar Khadim Sadkhan 

Our assistant lecturer Azhar Khadim Sadkhan gave a course training on Physics, Laser and Material Science as a pert of scientific promotion and changing employment title, at continuous education center from 14/1/2021-2/2/2021 


Training course / Zahraa S Qasim 

Our assistant lecturer Zahraa S Qasim gave a course training on Programming Using Matlab at continuous education center from 11-15/4/2021

Scientific Symposium / Optoelectronics Branch 8/4/2021 

Under the sponsorship of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. (Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban) and in the presence of the Prof. Dr. (Jasim Kadhim Hamood), Head of the Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department, a scientific symposium titled (Optical Sensors Technology and its Applications) was held by the Optoelectronics Engineering Branch virtually on Thursday 8th April 2021, in the presence of a number of teachers and employees of the University of Technology and other universities. The seminar’s curriculum included reading verses from the Holy Quran and then the speech of the head of the department. The session was chaired by Assistant Prof. Dr. (Makram Abdul-Muttalib Fakhri) and Assistant Lec. (Zahraa Sabeeh Qasim), as the session included three lectures:

- (Genetic sensors as a base for biosensors to detect disease infection in the medical application) was given by Assistant Professor Dr. (Nur Aziza Parmin) - University of Perlis, Malaysia.
- (Gas Sensors) was given by Prof. Dr. (Abdul Amir Hassan Kazem) - University of Al Ameed in Karbala.
- (Trends in temperature-sensing optical crystal fibers) was given by Dr. (Ali Hamid) from the University of Technology.

Academic Researcher Award

Assistant Prof. Dr. (Makram Abdul-Muttalib Fakhry)  was honored with the Iraqi Academic Researcher Award, which was held by Al aeen University in Dhi Qar on Wednesday 3/31/2021.




Training course / Lec. Sabah H Ali

Our Lec. Sabah H Ali gave a course training on Laser systems - Operating and Maintenance at continuous education center from 2-6/5/2021


Training course / Assistant Lec. Soaad M Khadhim

Our Assistant Lec. Soaad M Khadhim gave a course training on The most important techniques used to study the structural and optical properties of thin films at continuous education center from 11-15/4/2021


Training course / Lec. Dr. Shams B Ali

Our Lec. Dr. Shams B Ali gave a course training on Using EndNote to arrange sources for scientific research and theses at continuous education center from 18-22/4/2021


Canvas Training Course

The Department of Laser  and Optoelectronics Engineering has set up a training course for all the department's teachers about using the Canvas platform in terms of preparing lectures and how to administer exams electronically through this platform instead of the Google classroom platform and according to the requirements of the university, where the course included the most important differences between the Canvas (and) google classroom platform and the importance of this The platform is to raise the university’s performance as it is one of the global platforms approved in higher education.

The course was conducted electronically on Tuesday 2/2/2021 for a period of one week, given by Lec. Dr. (Shams Basil Ali) and Lec. (Ahmed Wael Abdel Wahab) This course is considered as the beginning of a series of courses that will take place later to train students to take electronic exams.


An awareness lecture on combating smoking

On Monday, 8/2/2021, the Department of Laser  and Optoelectronics Engineering held an awareness lecture on combating smoking. It was given by a faculty member in our department,Assistant  Prof. Dr. (Ali Abdel-Khaleq Abdel Hadi). 

The lecture included the history of smoking and its impact on the individual and society and its relationship to the Corona pandemic and the negative effects it results from, and among the results of the lecture was the refusal of smoking due to health, economic and religious effects.

Publishing / appreciation letter 

Thanks and appreciation letter were given to Prof. Dr. Jassim Kadhim Hmood - Head of the Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department by Elsevier for his efforts in publishing in one of their journals which is (optical fiber technology) the paper entitled (Performance analysis of mode division multiplexing system in presence of nonlinear phase noise). The researcher, along with other researchers affiliated to the Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering, had published a distinguished research in optical communication, in which a new technology in optical communication was proposed and presented that reduces the effect of nonlinear noise and increases the speed and range of optical communication systems that use multiplexing and mixing of laser patterns that carry Information at very large capacities, amounting to more than 300 kbps, is transmitted through the optical fiber of the low-type fiber.

The chess competition

Within the activities of the President of the University of Technology, the student Ruwaida Saad Mohsen Hussein - the second  year in our Department has won first place in the chess competition of the Arab and Iraqi champion  On this occasion, the Department  would like to thank Mr Ali Ghanem, for following up the sporting activity in the department in general

virtual scientific symposium

With the sponsorship of the President of the University  of Technology Prof. Dr. (Ahmad  Al-Ghban), and Prof. Dr. (Jasim Kadhim Hamood) head of the Department of Laser and Optelectronics Engineering, the proceedings of the virtual scientific symposium (Laser remote sensing) was held, which sponsored by the Laser Engineering branch, on Thursday, 26/11/2020, in the presence of the Assistant Rector of the University for Scientific Affairs, and a group of lecturer staff of the University of Technology and other universities. The program for the scientific symposium contained four lectures:

First lecture has been given by Dr. Khaled Ibrahim Hassoun, Ministry of Science and Technology, Assist Prof Dr. Mohammed Mijbel Saleh, administrative assistant of our department and was entitled: (The Development of Imaging Sensors in Remote Sensing Applications) 

Second lecture has been given by Brigadier General Adnan Ramadan, Ministry of Defense, Prof. Dr. Uday Zakariya Jassim, Civil Engineering Department, Engineer Qutaibah Qayas, Ministry of Defense, and was entitled: (Using of LIDAR data in intelligence application)

Third Lecture has been given by Lec. Dr. Ahmed Jayad Kadhim, Department of Laser and Optelectronics Engineering and was entitled: (Applications or uses of LIDAR Technology)

Fourth Lecture has been given by Assist Lec. Omar Saud Aziz, University of Putra (Malaysia), and was entitled: (Object Boundaries Detection Using LIDAR Data znd Dynamic Polyline Compression Algorithm)

At the end of the sessions, the recommendations were discussed and organized to serve the future work.

Certificate Issuance 

All Students wants to issue postgraduate certificate for applying purposes on Ministry of Health and Environment jobs and career positions. Please fill the attached form by clicking (here)


Our department faculty, Professor Fareed Faris Rsheed et al., awarded a patent certificate from the ministry of planning for their working on using Pulse Laser Deposition Technique for photodiode implementation 

Awarding Certificate in E - Learning

Certificate of e - learning workshop has been awarded to Mr. Ahmed Wael Abdulwahhab, our department faculty member and the director of quality assurance division. This certificate had come due to engaging him to intensive professional training program with IREX organization.

Scientific Promotion 

Dr. Mohammed Jalal Abdulrazzaq have been promoted (from assistant Prof to Prof) on 16/4/2020 

Dr. Ali Abdulkhaliq have been promoted (from lecturer to assistant Prof) on 4/5/2020 

Wejdan Hamoody Mutlak have been promoted (from assistant lecturer to lecturer) on 4/5/2020  


Seminars on 20/12/2020


Design and implementation of laser sensor for medical application based on micro structural fiber

Improving nonlinearity tolerance in optical transmission systems that employ multidimensional modulation formats

Performance Analysis of Hybrid Optical Communication System Utilizing Wide Band Hybrid Fiber Amplifier

Modeling and simulation of bio-sensor based on photonic crystal fiber

Optical biosensor for the detection of gram positive and gram negative bacteria

Study the effect of anneling temperature on the physical properties for CUS nano films prepared  by PLD

Advanced Modulation Formats for Underwater Wireless Optical Communication System

Lift of noble metal / metal oxide nano compositethin layer for optical sensor

Study of thermal effect in high power thin disk laser


Seminars on 24/12/2020 

Design and construction fiber optic cascaded interferometer for laser application

Laser deposition of LiNbO3 Nanoparticles for modulator Application

Analysis and design of pulsed fiber laser based on nanomaterial saturable absorber for telecommunication systems

Performance enhancement of photoconductive antenna- based terahertz generation and detection using nanotechnology


Seminars on 31/12/2020 

Synthesis of chemical gas sensor prepared by pulsed laser deposition

Synthesis and characterization of optical device for high temperature environment applications using Laser ablation

Evaluation of laser pulses effect on corrosion inhibition for some metal samples by image processing

Performance Analysis of Hybrid Optical Communication System Utilizing Wide Band Hybrid Fiber Amplifier

Thermal Model Analysis for Solid-State Lasers with Super-Gaussian Pumping Profile