Advanced Applications of Optical Sensors

Sponsored by the President of the University of Technology Dr. Ameen Dawai Thamer, the Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering - Optoelectronics Engineering Branch organized the scientific seminar (advanced applications of optical sensors), which was held on the graduate hall in our department on Thursday 25/4/2019 . The seminar was opened with the national anthem and reading verses from the Holy Quran. The workshop included two sessions, the first session included two lectures, the first (Photonic fiber fibers sensors) and the second lecture entitled (Visual sensors for surface technology of surface surveying). It was delivered by Dr. (Makram Abdul Muttalib Fakhri) and Dr. (Muthanna Ammar) The meeting was moderated by Prof. Dr. Abdul Hadi Kazem as Chairman and  Dr. Razi Jabr Shagheit as the Rapporteur. At the end of the seminar's recommendations were written and certificates of appreciation were distributed.