Femto second laser and its Applications

The Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering held a scientific seminar at Femto second Laser and Its Applications which included four scientific lectures on 23/11/2017.
The head of the department of laser and optoelectronics engineering, Dr. Mohammed Abdel Wahab Minshid said in his speech: "Our department, since its establishment and its branches (laser engineering branch and optoelectronics branch) has been striving to keep abreast of the development of laser applications. In this day, our seminar includes four specialized scientific lectures in the field of laser. At the end of the seminar recommendations will be written to be a path of interaction and communication in order to serve the society and its institutions.
In conclusion, the scientific seminar recommended focusing on the government departments and the private sector, especially the Ministry of Health, on the importance of using femto second laser in medical and scientific applications, expanding the applied research for postgraduate students in the department and outside it in cooperation with the relevant institutions through joint supervision and focusing on transfer this filed to the laser and optoelectronics department due to it has a important impact to developing the ability of the undergraduate and postgraduate students and in order to open a workshops in this field to showing the importance of the laser and its application in different field.