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A member of the faculty in our department, Assistant Professor Dr. Makram Abdul Mutalab ,has
on the Sport activities of the of our team (tutors), our football team won the match vs the
The staff of our department were honored on Monday 12/3/2018 and on the university theater hall on
The thesis of the Master's Student (Nawras Zafer Hamza), optoelectronics engineering,
Our Lecturer (Dr. Makram Abdul Muttalib Fakhri) has been promoted from the rank of lecturer to the
our career center hold a workshop on the optical communication on Monday 26-2-2018. The workshop
Our head of department Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdul Wahab Minshuid has received acceptance of patent
On 20 February 2018, our career center in our department held a workshop entitled "How to
A member of the faculty in our department, Assistant Professor Dr. Ayad Zwayin Mohammed,has
Tutor in our staff member (Sabah Hassan Ali) has received a letter of thanks and appreciation from

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23 January 2018
Nanotechnology and advanced materials research
31 December 2017
27 December 2017
The following Postgraduates students have
24 December 2017
To postgraduate students, you should be notified
13 December 2017
Preparing the Laser and Optoelectronics
28 November 2017
We are pleased to announced that the graduation
28 November 2017
All Postgraduates students (Master/Research
26 November 2017

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