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2019 International Researches - ISI Scientific Journals

No Research Title Researcher Journal Year No Vol Abstract
1 Efficiency enhancement of optical strip waveguide by the effect of heat treatment Dr. Mukaram A Fakri Optik 2019/02/01 Vol.180
Dr Evan T Salim
MHA Wahid
Ahmed W Abdulwahhab
U Hashim
Zaid T Salim
2 Effect of light induced heat treatment on the structural and morphological properties of Linbo3 thin films Dr Evan T Salim Superlattices and Microstructures     2019/04/01 Vol.120
Dr. Mukaram A Fakri
Raid A Ismail
Ahmed W Abdulwahhab
Zaid T Salim
Dr. Mohammed A Munished
U Hashim
3 Responsivity and Response Time of Nano Silver Oxide on Silicon Heterojunction Detector Dr. Mukaram A Fakri International Journal of Nanoelectronics and Materials  2018/12/01 Vol.11
Najwan H Nuaman
Qamar Q
Mustafa S. Abdulla
Omer S. Hassan
Saad A. Abduljabar
Abdulrahman A. Ahmed
4 Thermal Effect on Mirror Reflectivity Based on DBR for Optoelectronics Devices Ali Hameed International Journal of Nanoelectronics and Materials  2019/01/01   Vol.12, No.1
Dr. Abdula K Abbas
Wael Y Nasir


Researches published in scientific journal For Previous Years



Research published in scientific journal  For Previous Years  
Research Name
Paper Title
for abstract press the title
Optoelectronics and
Advance Material
Dr. Kadhim Abed Hubeeter
international thermal
science journal   
Prof Khalid Salem 
Dr. Mohammed Abdel Wahab 
and Development
Dr. Kadhim Abed 
Mohammed Adnan 
Dr. Razi Jaberf
&Technology Journal
Jasim Khadim
Fifth Conference 


Prof. Khalid Salem




Journal of Engineering and Development


Dr. Mohamed Abdel wahab 

SabahAbdel Hassan

Error Correction Code in Optical Fiber


Eng.& Tech. Journal



Razi Jaber

Design Active Filter Based on Genetic Algorithm


Eng.& Tech. Journal


Abdelaa KHuther


Gain Characteristics for C-Band Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Utilizing Single and Double-Pass Configurations: A Comparative Study



Eng.& Tech. Journal


Aseel Abdel Ameer

The Biological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy with Static Magnetic Field on Acute and Chronic Pain




Aseel Abdel Ameer


Design and Simulation of DPSS Laser with SHG for Material Processing


  Dr. Abdel Hadi Khadim


Optical, electrical, and structural properties of Mn doped CdS thin films prepared by CBD


  Dr. Abdel Hadi Khadim


Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of Particle size Effect of Iron , Cobalt ,and Nickel Powders Suspended in Al Dura oil on XRF Intensities.



Dr. Abdel Hadi Khadim 

Sensitivity and Lower Limit Detection Determined of XRF for Copper and Zinc Suspended in lubricated Grease .



Dr. Abdel Hadi Khadim 

Particle size effect on XRF measurements of Copper and Zinc particles suspended in hydrocarbon materials .



Dr. Abdel Hadi Khadim

Study of the mechanical properties of Iron-Epoxy composite materials



Dr. Abdel Hadi Khadim

X-Ray Radiography of Alumina to Kovar Joining



Dr. Abdel Hadi Khadim

Preparation and study of the physical and mechanical properties of asphalt-rubber mixtures 

Chinese physi cal Letter Abdelaa KHuther Amorphouse crystalline nn si heterojaction photodetector made by q switched 532 mm laser pulsed w
Eng.& Tech. Journal


Abdelaa KHuther

In-nSiC schottky photodiode ; Fabrication and Study


Eng.& Tech. Journal


Abdelaa KHuther

Characteristics of Coupling Degradation Tolerances for Single-Mode Optical Fiber


Eng.& Tech. Journal


Jasim Khadim Hmood

Measurements of Intermodal Dispersion In Graded Index Optical Fiber


  Dr. Saleh aldeen

Ahmed Gead

Splice Fault Position Detection of Single Mode Fiber Using Feed-Forward Neural Networks




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