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study plan of the optoelectronics department


Optoelectronics Engineering Branch

Fourth Class

Subject Study Plan
Optical Communication System
Opto electronics & Light Modulation
Solid State Electronics
Semiconductor Devices
Optical Design  
Image Processing & Remote Sensing

Third Class

Subject Study Plan
Engineering Analysis
I.R Tech
Physical Optics  
Solid State & Material  Science
Electronic ||
Computer Application
Detection Engineering
Wave Propagation &Communication

Second Class

Subject Study Plan
Electrical A.C Circuit
Laser Principles
Computer Programming
Geometrical Optics
Electromagnetic Field

First Class

Subject Study Plan
Engineering Mechanics
Computer Programming (c++)
Electrical D.C Circuits
 University Physics
Engineering Drawing
English Language
Human Rights
The thesis of Master's student  ( Zahraa Adnan Jawad)was discussed in the field of laser
The thesis of Master's student  ( Maryam Youssef )was discussed in the field of laser engineering
   MSc Defense – Maryam Muhsin Hassan  The dissertation of the master's student (Maryam Muhsin
   MSc Defense – Lina Mohammed ShakerThe Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering
   MSc Defense – Zaynab Hussam TawfiqThe Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering
   MSc Defense – Mays Uday HashimThe Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering
"A new achievement for both of the assist. lecturer Reem ali hussein and the Eng. Khansaa Jaafar
The department is delighted to .announce of the promotion of assistant prof Dr.Ayad Zwaeen 
As part of the scientific activities of our department, Prof. Dr. (Mohamed Abdel Wahab Monshed) -
Assistant Prof. Dr. Ayad Zuwain Mohammed, head of the laser engineering branch in our department

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