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study plan of laser engineering department


Laser Engineering Branch

Fourth Class

Subject Study Plan
Optical Communications  
Laser Design  
Laser system  
Opto -Electronics &Detectors  
Laser Applications  

Third Class

Subject Study Plan
Engineering Analysis  
Laser Physics  
Gas Discharge &Control Engineering  
Semiconductors Device
Power Electronics  
Computer Application  
Quantum Mechanics  
Wave Propagation & Communication  

Second Class

Subject Study Plan
Electromagnetic Field  
Thermodynamics &Fluid Mechanics  
Laser Principles  
Electrical A.C Circuit
Computer Programming  
Geometrical Optics  
Freedom &Democracy


First Class

Subject Study Plan
Computer Programming (C++)   
Electrical  D.C Circuits  
University Physics  
Engineering Mechanics  
Engineering Drawing  
English Language  
Human Right`


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14 December 2021
20 September 2021
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20 September 2021
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