Conference Series - 2018








2018   Potential of Renewable Energy in Al-Fourat Al-Awsat:Al Najaf City : Case Study Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1
2018   Third order nonlinear properties of  Rhodamine B dye doped PVA  polymer determined by  Eclipsing z-scan AIP conference procediu 2
2018   Photonic Crystal Fiber Mach-Zehnder Interferometer pH ‎Sensing AIP Conference Proceedings  3
2018   Design and Analysis Of Fiber Bragg Grating Tunable Filter Utilizing Thermal Technique AIP Conference Proceedings 4
2018   Influence of laser energy on synthesizes of CdO/Nps in liquid environment IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 5
2018   A study of LSP technique effect on the wear resistance for aluminum and copper alloys AIP Conference Proceedings 6
2018   Wideband Serial Hybrid Fiber Amplifier Utilizing Higher Order Stimulated Raman Scatterin 2018 Third Scientific Conference of Electrical Engineering (SCEE) 7

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