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Optoelectronics Engineering Projects For 2017-2018

University of Technology

The Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering

Optoelectronics Engineering Program

Final Year Project for the Academic Year 2017 – 2018

Project Title


Students Groups Names

Study of Optical Fiber Type Application

Assist. Prof. Dr Ayad Zwayn Mohammed

Mustafa Hamid Ismail

Murtatha Ali Hussain

Contact Lens Materials effects on Human Eyes Performance

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Hadi Al-Hamadani

Sadeer Mohammed Hashim

Hussain Hadi Abbas

Effect of Lens Diopters on Chromatic Aberration in Human Eye

Fatima Ali Mudhain

Zainab Mohammed Saeed

Investigating Power, and S/N, using Underwater Wireless Optical Communication (UWOC) with Direct Intensity Modulated 650nm Laser Diode

Assist. Prof. Dr. Salah Aldin Adnan Taha

Yassir Khudher Abid Aoun

Naba’a Kifah Hussain

Performance Investigation of Wavelength Division Multiplexing Communication System

Assist. Prof. Dr. Jassim Kadhim Hmood

Ridha’a Alwan Hussain

Tabarq Majeed Rasheed

Israa Anas Ahmed

Determination of Some Concentrations by Optical Method

Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdulhadi Kadhim Jidran

Marwa Jaafar Sadiq

Ali Mudhafer Ali

Maha Naif Kries

Study of Detection and Solar Cell Properties for Prepared Material Oxides

Dr. Mukaram Abdulmutabil Jaafar

Mustafa Sadoon Abdullah

Omar Salih Hassan

Implementation of Electro-spinning System

Saad Ahmed Abduljabbar

Abdulrahman Azad Ahmed

Apply Encryption and Decryption Methods for Message and Pictures

Lect. Iman Yousif Nassir

Noor Asa’ad Jumaa

Noor Ali Khudhier

Characteristics of Liquid Crystals and their Applications

Assist. Lect. Sabah Hassan

Laith Hussain Radhi

Rafal Hayder Salman

Wavelength Division Multiplexing Combining Radio-over-Fiber (WDM-RoF) Network for Signal Transmission Enhancement

Lect. Ahmed Wael Abdulwahhab

Maryam Ahmed Kadhim

Distortion and aberration in Electron Lens

Assist. Lect. Najwan Hussain Numan

Dhuha Nabeel Abid

Zahraa Mohammed Jawad

Hussam Ali Abdul-latif

Analysis of Buried Rectangular Channel Waveguide by Effective Index Method (EIM)

Assist. Lect. Zahraa Sabeeh Qassim

Enas Abdul-Amier Hussain

Lina Hayder Hassan

Design and Implementation Multi Usage Voltage Power Supply

Assist. Lect. Hasan Hadi Jouhi

Zahraa Kadhim Abdulsadah

Rifqa Bassim Salim

Spray Deposited TiO2 for Solar Cell Applications

Assist. Lect. Sarmad Fawzi Hamza

Mays Salam Nassar

Ahmed Fadhil Rasheed


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