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Laser & Optoelectronics Engineering Department participated In the third sovereignty carnivals 2009  

The Department win the reward of the priminster Noore ALmalky 


The department participated in the fourth carnival which was held in the period 28-30/5/2010 on ALjaddira guardens. This carnival was attended by the Minister of Youth &Sport "Eng. Jassim mohammed Jaffer "

The Minister of the science &Technology , Baghdad universitiy president with all dean of the participated colleges .


The department was participated by 24 projects done by the students &supervisied by :

1.Dr.Mohammed Hussain Ali.

2.Dr. Mohammed adnan.

3.Lec Jassem kadum .

4.Dr.Aide zwe.

5.Lec.Mukarm Abd ALmutalab.


The whole projects through the caranival wer 700 projects .

The department was awarded the first rank over all the engineering projects , The student "Hader zeyad " was awarded the gift.

Acommitte was formed to judge the activities .

Dr. Mohammed Hussain Ali the dean of the laser eng. was one of the committe.



The University president AL-khazraji awarded the winner

The prisedent of the university prof Dr.kahtan k.M.AL-khazraji Awarded the students & their supervisons who did participate in the fourth carnival for sallebration was mode in the department in this occasion .

Dr.kahtan through his speech to the attender ask them to work Harder in the future & he thanks all of them . Then an acknowledgement certificates were awarded to all the participators.

Amonge the attender was the scientific deputy prof. Dr.Ahmed Ali Musa who add a conguratuation words to all the student &staff .


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