Enrollment For Undergraduates


Documents required for the registration of the first stage student in the Department of Laser and Optical Electronics Engineering as following:


1. Preparatory study document (original + 3 color copies)

2. Medical examination (original + 2 color copies).

3. Modern photos with white background exclusively (number 8)

4. The identity of the student's personal status or the national identity card in the absence of identity (3 colored copies).

5. Certificate of Iraqi nationality (3 colored copies).

6. Housing card (3 color copies) + ration card (3 color copies).

7. CD contains the documents and the above documents with a personal photograph.

8. Guarantor Guaranty Bring a letter of support to continue the service to the sponsor with copies of the Fundamentalist       documents of the sponsor.

9. Student Documents and Debt (2 color copies).

10. Student's school card.