Granting M.Sc. Degree

Granting M.Sc. Degree

A Master of Science degree in optoelectronics engineering granted to "Shahad Sabah Hussien" on her working entitled:

"Analysis and Mitigation of Fiber Nonlinear Effect in Optical Communication System"

The M.Sc. viva held at department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Postgraduate Hall, on Sunday, June the 21st. The examining committee of the students were involved of:

    1. Dr. Thamir Rasheed Saeed, Professor, Chair

    2. Dr. Razi Jabur Shughaith, Assistant Professor, Member

    3. Dr. Thana'a Hussien Ali, Senior Researcher, Member

    4. Dr. Jassaim Kadhim Hmood, Professor, Member and Supervisor,


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