Granting a PhD Degree / Esraa Khatan

A PhD degree has been awarded to a lecturer Esraa Khatan Hamed with distinction on Monday Dec. 14/2020. The dissertation is entitled:

Advanced technologies to increase transmission capacity using laser communications systems. 

the committee names was:

Prof. Dr. Thamer Rashid Saeed as a head of committee

Assistant Prof Dr. Salah El-Din Adnan Taha as a member

Assistant Prof Dr. Muhammad Nuri Majeed as a member

Assistant Prof Dr. Tahrer Safaa Mansour as a member

Assistant Prof Dr. Abdullah Khudair Abbas as a member

Prof. Mohammad Abdul-Wahhab Minshed as a member / supervisor

Prof. Jasim Kadhim Hmood as a member / supervisor

On our behalf we congratulate the lecturer Esraa Khatan for the grating the degree.


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