Canvas Training Course

The Department of Laser  and Optoelectronics Engineering has set up a training course for all the department's teachers about using the Canvas platform in terms of preparing lectures and how to administer exams electronically through this platform instead of the Google classroom platform and according to the requirements of the university, where the course included the most important differences between the Canvas (and) google classroom platform and the importance of this The platform is to raise the university’s performance as it is one of the global platforms approved in higher education.

The course was conducted electronically on Tuesday 2/2/2021 for a period of one week, given by Lec. Dr. (Shams Basil Ali) and Lec. (Ahmed Wael Abdel Wahab) This course is considered as the beginning of a series of courses that will take place later to train students to take electronic exams.

Last modified on Sunday, 14 February 2021 11:23