Workshop on human rights in Iraqi universities

The participation of the assistant lecturer (Alaa Hassan Idan) in our department in the specialized workshop entitled (Reading for Human Rights Curricula), which was held by the High Commission for Human Rights in cooperation with the Horizon Organization for Human Development and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 20/12/2021. The Director of the Publication and Education Department delivered At the Commission, Akram Okla gave a lecture on the (Cairo Declaration for the dissemination and education of human rights) and its important articles in preserving the rights of the individual and the family in building society, the equality of women and men with rights, the rights of the child to obtain physical and health care and education, as well as materials related to promoting a culture of peace and belonging Then the trainer at the Commission in Baghdad office, Baraa Najeeb, presented a survey study that included indicators and percentages about the human rights subject taught in Iraqi universities and institutes, indicating that the material is often placed to complete the teaching quorum.

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