General Authority Meeting for Faculty Members

Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Jassim K Hammoud The meeting of the general authority of the faculty members in the department on Monday 4/4/2022 The meeting included urging the faculty to advance the scientific level and the educational process in the department. During the meeting, the previous heads of scientific branches were honored for their efforts The efforts exerted in managing the branches throughout the period of their assignment. The new branches heads were welcomed, wishing them success in the new positions.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Hadi K Gedran was honored as the best scientific researcher in the department for the academic year 2020-2021, and Prof. Dr. Ali Hadi Abdel Moneim and assistant teacher Azhar Kazem Sudkhan were honored by honoring the distinguished teaching in the department. At the end of the session, the head of the department praised the efforts made by the teaching staff and affiliates in the department.

Last modified on Saturday, 09 April 2022 20:03