Second Trail, PhD Comprehensive Exam

No. Exam Category Exam Topic Exam Lecturer Exam Date

Major I


Laser System and Design Dr. Mohammed Jalal Abdul-Razzaq Mar. 1st 2020
Laser Physics
Laser Spectroscopy Dr. Fareed Faris Rasheed
2 Major II Optical Communication Systems

Dr. Salah Aldeen Adnan Taha

Dr. Abduulah Khudhier Abbas

Mar. 5th 2020
Electronics and Power Electronics

Dr. Mohammed Abdulwahhab Munshid

Dr. Jassim Kadhim Hmood

Optical System Design

Dr. Ali Hadi Abdul-Mua'iem

3 Minor I.R. System Engineering

Dr. Ayad Zwayien Mohammed

Mar. 8th 2020
4 Oral     Mar. 15th 2020




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