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اخبار القسم en

Scientific Tour (Prof. Dr. Muaed Y Khudaier)

Prof. Dr. Muaed Y Khudair, has been visited Nineveh / Mosul University, Northern Technical University, Nineveh University, Al-Noor Private College, Al-Hadba Private College for the purpose of completing the field inspection work for governmental and private university libraries for the period from 1-3/8/2022.




Scientific Activities (Prof. Dr. AbdulHadi K Judran)

On Monday 22/8/2022, Prof. Dr. (Abdul-Hadi Kazem Gedran) participated, as a member of the thesis defense committee to discuss the doctoral student’s thesis (Assaad Ahmed Kamel) in the Department of Physics, titled: (Enhancement of Gas sensing properties of Metal Oxides thin films by Embedding of Noble Metals Nanoparticles)


The members and all staff of the Department mourn the death of the previous head of the Department and the head of the Iraqi Laser Society, our professors Dr. Muhammad Salih Mahdi al-Khafaji. 

We would like to extend our condolences and  sympathy to his family, relatives and students.


Scientific Promotion / Prof. Dr. Razi J Shageeth

Our Faculty member Dr. (Razi J Shageeth) has been promoted from the assistant Prof. to the Professor as of the date of completing the requirements on 15/6/2021. On behalf of our department staff, we congratulate him.

PhD defense committee/ Prof. Dr. Jassim K Humood

Prof. Dr. (Jassim K. Houmood) - Head of the Department headed the PhD defense committee to discuss the doctoral student’s thesis (Samer Muhammad Ali Hamid) specializing in Electronics and Communications Engineering; thesis entitled:

( Performance Enhancement of Optical Wireless Communication System )

The defense took place on Wednesday, 29/6/2022, in the Dijla Hall in the Electrical Engineering Department


Letter of Thanks and Appreciation

Prof. Dr. (Moayad Yahya Khudair), member of the teaching staff in our department was awarded a letter of thanks and appreciation from Prof. Dr. (Alaa Abu Al-Hassan Ismail) ) for the exceptional efforts he made through the continuous attendance of the committee’s meetings, the legal, scientific and technical participation, and the adequate explanations he provided, which contributed to enriching the minutes of the committees that were completed.

Examination Progress in The Department

The assistant president of the university for administrative affairs, accompanied by the head of the department, inspected the progress of the examination process in our department on Sunday 5/6/2022, and the exams were running smoothly and without any noticeable situation.

Scientific Promotion / Azhar Khadim

Our Faculty member (Azhar Kadhim Sadkhan) has been promoted from the assistant lecturer to the lecturer as of the date of completing the requirements on 2/3/2022. On behalf of our department staff, we congratulate her.

Seminar Discussion Panels

A seminar was held for PhD students in our department on Thursday 31/3/2022 in the presence of the assistant head of the department for scientific affairs and graduate studies, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jalal Abdul-Razzaq. The formed five-member committees reviewed the progress of the work of the PhD students and praised their efforts in making these seminars a success. It included a solid scientific material, hoping for more scientific progress to complete the requirements for obtaining a doctorate.


General Authority Meeting for Faculty Members

Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Jassim K Hammoud The meeting of the general authority of the faculty members in the department on Monday 4/4/2022 The meeting included urging the faculty to advance the scientific level and the educational process in the department. During the meeting, the previous heads of scientific branches were honored for their efforts The efforts exerted in managing the branches throughout the period of their assignment. The new branches heads were welcomed, wishing them success in the new positions.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Hadi K Gedran was honored as the best scientific researcher in the department for the academic year 2020-2021, and Prof. Dr. Ali Hadi Abdel Moneim and assistant teacher Azhar Kazem Sudkhan were honored by honoring the distinguished teaching in the department. At the end of the session, the head of the department praised the efforts made by the teaching staff and affiliates in the department.

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