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Sunday, 31 January 2021 09:14

Awareness lecture on 18/1/2021

Dr. (Shams Basil Ali) under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. (Souad Mahmoud Kazem) gave an awareness lecture for students of the second year of the branches of laser engineering and optoelectronic engineering entitled (The difficulties faced by the university student in light of Corona pandemic) on Monday January 18/2021 and on the (Meet Google) platform, where several issues related to Coronavirus, how to confront it, safety instructions, motivate and guide students to adhere to these instructions were made to protect themselves and the community, and a questionnaire was conducted about the pandemic and students ’concerns. Discussing the results of the students ’questionnaire, and the lecture was very interactive by them, in addition to clarifying the role of the psychological counseling and educational guidance unit in the department and how the student communicates with the members of the unit to face any problem that can be solved.


Sunday, 31 January 2021 09:08

The chess competition

Within the activities of the President of the University of Technology, the student Ruwaida Saad Mohsen Hussein - the second  year in our Department has won first place in the chess competition of the Arab and Iraqi champion  On this occasion, the Department  would like to thank Mr Ali Ghanem, for following up the sporting activity in the department in general.



Tuesday, 26 January 2021 15:47

Championship Cup football

Students wishing to participate in the Cup of the President of the University of Technology of Football must contact the person responsible for student activities in the department or call the number 07703976082 Ali Ghanem. 

"Dear tutors and students
On January 24, we celebrate the International Day of Education with all countries of the world, which is a global occasion that aims to celebrate education. The United Nations General Assembly designated the 24th of January of each year to celebrate the International Day of Education, as this day represents the firm political will to support measures and bring about change for good, inclusive and equitable education for all. This year's celebration of the International Day of Education will be under the title: "Revitalizing education among the generation suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic"
I advise you, my dear colleagues, to take a great responsibility to understand the critical and sensitive phase we are going through with the challenges of terrorism and the Covid 19 pandemic, which disrupted life and severely affected the economy and resources, and for this I invite you to deal with this stage in particular and the future in general with high humanity in order to go through the difficulties and history will record your success and dedication In the service of our beloved country by dealing with patience, wisdom and concern. I also invite you, my dear brothers and my sons, the students, to join your efforts to raise the name of Iraq high and for it to have a distinguished position with knowledge and knowledge, and for our efforts to be qualitative and influential, and to be an extension of our ancient civilization.
Finally, we must offer fragrant congratulations and our sincere thanks and appreciation to all faculty members on this occasion for their great efforts in communicating information, educating generations and building societies. May God protect Iraq and protect you, dear brothers, and my children, students, and mercy for the martyrs, and a speedy recovery for the wounded and sick.

Accept my sincere affection and appreciation"
Prof. Dr. Jasim Kadhim Hamood
Head of the Department of Laser  and Optoelectronics Engineering