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Department's Activites

As part of the scientific activities of our department, Prof. Dr. (Mohamed Abdel Wahab Monshed) - Head of Department: Researched tag

(Passive Q-switching using Lead Sulfide suspension as saturable absorber in 1.5 µm region)

In a sober global magazine (Optical Fiber Technology) - (Thomson Reuters).

     Participation of Prof. Dr. (Mohamed Abdel Wahab Monshed) - Head of Department: Research in the Conference

(Integrated Optics: Design, Devices, Systems and Applications)

By searching:

(Self - assemble organic molecular micron - sized tubular structures for active and passive waveguiding regimes)


Patent Dr Ayad Zwain

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ayad Zuwain Mohammed, head of the laser engineering branch in our department with the participation of higher diploma student Wadah Hatem Salem obtained a patent from the Ministry of Planning / Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control

Patent entitled (Programmed Passive Optical Control for Protection and Surveillance Systems)


Reasearch Paper Dr. Ayad 2

Assistant Prof. Dr Ayad Zuwain Mohammed, head of the laser engineering branch in our department and a number of faculty members in the department are Prof. Mohamed jalal Abdel Razzaq

Prof. Khaled Salem Shabib, Administrative Assistant and Prof. Dr. Abdullah Khudair Abbas Bishr

a new approach to evaluate temperature distribution and stress fraction within solid state lasers

In the journal

optical and quantum electronics

Published by the Springer Foundation and indexed within the Claraevet database with a high impact factor

Reasearch paper Dr. Ayad

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ayad  Zouein Mohamed, Head of Laser Engineering in our department, published the research

study optical and structure properties of Nano ZnO / Cu2O mixture prepared by pulsed laser deposition for application

In the journal

defect and diffusion forum

The indicator is within the Scope base and has a high impact factor


Paper 13/10

Prof. Khaled Salem Shabib - Administrative Assistant in our department and student (Duha Shaker Abdul) have been published a scientific research in the Journal of Medical Sciences issued by Springer Foundation and index within the base Clarvet and high impact coefficient has been to find the optical specifications of tissues using the inverse method of heat transfer, which gives way The field to know the behavior of the laser when interfering with the tissue.


Scintific Prmo. 13/10

Assistant Professor Dr. (Moayad Yahya Khudair) member of the teaching staff in our department has been promoted to the rank of professor on 18-12-2018


General Assembly

The meeting of the General Assembly was held in our department on Wednesday 2/10/2019 and in the presence of the University, several issues of the department were discussed. In addtion, The need to adhere to attendance and lectures in the public interest.

Scientific Seminar 19/9/2019

The graduate students listed below in our department have been delivered a seminar on Thursday 19/9/2019 in the presence of the graduate committee in the department responsible for evaluating the seminar.

     Zahraa Mohammed Kassem / Master of Optoelectronics Engineering.
     Student Shahad Emad Younes / PhD Laser Engineering


Seminar 08/09/2019

The graduate students (Masters) / research in our department listed below gave a seminar on Thursday 5/9/2019 and in the presence of the graduate committee in the department responsible for evaluating the seminar.

     Student (Mariam Yousef Ghadban) / Master of Laser Engineering.
     Student (Mays Adi Hashem) / Master of Laser Engineering.
     Student (Zahra Amer Salman) / Master of Laser Engineering.
     Student (Farah Hebatallah Hamza) / Master of Optical Electronics Engineering.
     Student (Sara Mohammed Taleb) / Master of Optoelectronics Engineering.


MSc Thesis defence 9/5

 The dissertation of the master's student (Fatima Saad Hakkor) majored in optical electronics engineering on thesis:

( Design and implementation of underwater optical wireless communication for turbulence channel effect )

On Tuesday, 3/9/2019 in the graduate discussion hall in the department,  was accepted and the student was granted a master's degree


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