About the LE Program


The Program of Laser Engineering was established to involve and prepare well-practiced and trained engineers in the field of Laser engineering to have the capability of spreading this new science and its related technologies in Iraq, and to enhance the plan of ministry of the Higher Education and Scientific Researches that would try to raise the level of education at the Iraqi universities.

The Program of Laser engineering consists of a common core courses designed to give students a solid foundation and the basic skills needed to develop their needs for the following years. After that, student will be engaged into two years of intensive specialized courses where students engaged in a mode of studying covering different aspects of optoelectronics engineering including laser technologies; optoelectronic devices; semiconductors; photonics devices; sensing and imaging; optical fiber technologies and communications etc. These technologies have applications in industry and manufacturing communication, biology, medicine, energy, lighting and commercially aspects of TV manufacturing and other applications for security in civil and defense purposes.


Mission of Laser Engineering Program

The mission of the Laser engineering program is to spread awareness of using this emerging technology amongst the scientists, the engineers and the entrepreneurs, educate undergraduate and postgraduate majors with the concepts and knowledge of the laser discipline, conduct high quality of scientific researches, interactive with community and involvement in the field of development of country industry and engineering institutions in the field of advanced laser.


Laser Program Educational Objectives

Objective 1:  Successfully practice the Laser engineering disciplines,

Objective 2: Building up rapid manpower in this technology through encouraging collaborative activities by offering courses of different durations to the engineers from the industries (PG), and UG students of the universities.

Objective 3:  Engage in life-long learning to advance professionally through continuing education and training,

Objective 4: Carrying out research program for development of laser systems, subassemblies, and process design.