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Dr. Moayad is a professor in Information and Libraries Science and a member of the administrative board of the Iraqi association for information technology and Libraries associations. He is an academic faculty of the department of the laser and optoelectronics engineering, and the director of the University of Technology library. Dr. Moayad holds diploma, B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D degrees in Information and Libraries sciences in 1983, 1997, 2002, and 2006, respectively.

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Ph.D. in Information and Libraries Science. (2006)

M.Sc. in Information and Libraries Science. (2002)

B.Sc. in Information and Libraries Science. (1997)

Diploma. in Information and Libraries Science. (1983)

- Libraries and Information Sciences

- Information and Libraries Science

- Two Acknowledgment books from the Minister Higher Education and Scientific Research.

- Two Acknowledgment books from the Minister of Education.

- Acknowledgment book from the Minister of Youth and Sports.

- Books of thanks and appreciation from the first Deputy Parliament Speaker.

- Book of thanks and appreciation from President of the Court of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

- Book of thanks and appreciation from the President of the Iraqi Scientific Academy .

- More than twenty books of thanks and appreciation from the Heads of Iraqi UniversitiesMore than twenty books and appreciation from the deans of faculties at Iraqi universities.

- Honoring Technological university awarded me the shield of the university on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of the founding of the university.

- Acknowledgment of supervision and chief scientific evaluation.

- Acknowledgment of the chairman of the technical education.

- Certificate of appreciation for the participation in the digitization training course of the libraries of universities at USA.

- A certificate of merit to participate in Amman within the Iraqi scientific virtual library project from the American side.

- Certificate of appreciation to participate within the training course of digital information system set up by the Research & Development department in the Ministry of Higher Education.

- Participation in the symposium research and development department/ section scientists research on digital libraries and get a book acknowledgment.

- A number of thanks and appreciation books from universities to participate in high studies graduate students.

- A number of appreciation and thanks books from different Iraqi and Arab universities to participate in conferences and seminars and symposiums as a researcher and lecturer..