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Dr. Ali is a Professor of Optics in the department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering Department. He was the director of the Renewable Energy Centre at the same university.

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PhD. Optics, university of al-Mustansiryah, College of sciences, physics department, Iraq.

M.Sc. Theoretical physics, university of Baghdad, College of sciences, physics department, Iraq.

B.Sc. physics, university of Baghdad, College of sciences, physics department, Iraq.

Optics, Optoelectronics, Optical Design, Nonlinear Optics , Solar Energy.

Improving the performance efficiency of solar panel by using flat mirror concentrator
Faten Zainulabdeen, Ali H. Al-Hamdani, GS Karam
AIP Conference Proceedings 2190 (1), 020054, 2019

Study the effect of apodization on the imaging properties of optical systems with coma aberration
Ali H. Al-Hamadani, Ghada Sabah Karam, Faten Sh. Zainulabdeen, Ziad M. Abood
AIP Conference Proceedings 2123 20047, 1-7, 2019

A comparative study of optical quality for different polymeric contact lenses
LM Shaker, Ali H. Al-Hamdani, AA Al-Amiery
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1234 (1), 012042, 2019

Plastic Materials for Modifying the Refractive Index of Contact Lens: Overview
LM Shaker, AH Al-Hamdani, AA Al-Amiery

Electro-Optic Designing and Construction to test the Tilting and the Decentering
MS Shuker, AH Al-Hamdani, MS Mahdi
University of Thi-Qar Journal 14 (2), 62-71, 2019

Effect of Polychromatic Light on Image Performance of Human Eye with Polythiourethane Contact Lens
Ali H. Al-Hamdani , Halah A.Hashim
Indian Journal of Natural Sciences 9 (52), 16502-16507, 2019

Nano-Particle Doped Polymers to Improve Contact Lenses Optical Quality
LM Shaker, AH Al-Hamdani, AA Al-Amiery

Linear and nonlinear optical properties of ZnO-TiO2-PMMA Nanohybrids
Ali H. AL-Hamdani, MAR Hussein, AH Makki
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Nanotechnology Specialized, 2019

Nano-particle doped polymers to improve contact lenses optical quality
AH Al-Hamdani, LM Shaker, AA Al-Amiery

Spectral Properties of Hybrid of Rhodamine (6G) Dyes Doped Epoxy Resin Dissolved in Chloroform
Ali H. Al-Hamdani, SM Jasim, EM Abbas, DA Hassan, MM Jaber
Baghdad Science Journal 16 (3 Supplement), 764-769, 2019

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- Acknowledgement from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

- Many Acknowledgement from the University of Technology President.

- Acknowledgement from the Dean of Laser and optoelectronics Engineering Dept.