Department Presidency


Name: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Mijbel Salih

Position: Head of the Department

Date of Receipt 20/8/2023

Major Field:Opt/oelectronics Engineering

Specialization: Remote Sensing

Name: Prof. Dr.Makram A. Fakhri

Position: Deputy Head for Scientific Affairs

Date of Receipt: 1/2/2023

Major Field: optoelectronic engineering

Specialization: Nano-photonic Crystals

Name: Prof. Dr. Jassim Kadim Hmood

Position: Deputy Head for Administrative Affairs

Date of Receipt 26/9/2023

Major Field  Electrical Engineering

Specialization Optical Communications


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Name: Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdullah K Abass

Position: Head of Laser Engineering Program

Date of Receipt: 27/3/2022

Major Field: Electrical Engineering

Specialization: Optical Communications

Name: Assist Prof. Dr. Ali AbdulKhalik AbdulHadi

Position: Head of Optoelectronics Engineering Program

Date of Receipt: 21/4/2022

Major Field: Advance Photonics

Specialization: Optical Detectors and Sensors

Name: Prof. Dr. Suaad Mahmood Kadhim

Position: Faculty Representative

Date of Receipt: 2023

Major Field: Laser physics

Specialization: applied physics         


Name: Assist Lec. Reem Ali

Position: Department Reportur

Date of Receipt: May 2020

Major Field: Computer Engineering

Specialization: Computer Engineering