Organizational Structure

Head of the Department Dr. Jassim K. Hmood Professor
Deputy Head of the Department for Scientific Affairs Dr. Mohammed J. Abdulrazzaq Professor
Deputy Head of the Department for Administrative Affairs Dr. Mohammed Mijbil Assistant Professor
Head of Laser Engineering Program Dr. Razi J. Sheghith Assistant Professor
Head of Optoelectronics Engineering Program Dr. Makram A. Fakhri Assistant Professor
Department Rapporteur Mrs. Reem H. Ali Assistant Lecture
LE Program Rapporteur Mrs. Ruaa Shakir Assistant Lecturer
OPE Program Rapporteur Miss. Was Abdulsattar Assistant Lecturer
Principle of Laboratory Division Dr. Abdulla K. Abass Assistant Professor
Principle of Graduate Affairs Division Dr. Ahmed C. Kadhim Lecturer
Principle of Exam Division Dr. Abdullah K. Abass Assistant Professor
Principle of LE Exam Divison  Dr. Ali A. Abdulhadi Assistant Professor
Principle of OPE Exam Division Mrs. May Abdulkareem Assistant Lecturer
Principle of Quality Assurance Divison Dr. Shams B. Ali Lecturer
Principle of Department Library Mrs. Rasha F. Hassan Senior Engineer
Principle of HR Division Mr. Ghaith Nafal Expert
Principle of Administrative Office Mr. Mudher Raouf Senior Engineer
Principle of Registration Office Mrs. Khansaa Jaafar Senior Engineer
Principle of Maintenance Office Mr. Ammar M. Hasan Assist. Chief Engineer
Principle of Warehouse Division Mrs. Intisar Majeed Chief Engineer