Cultural Debate

 (Cultural Debate) - First day

Within the annual department curriculum, a cultural week is held, which includes scientific, cultural and artistic activities, in addition to volunteer work for the department's employees and students. On Tuesday, 22/3/2022, a cultural debate was held between the students of the second stage and the third stage for the students of our department, which took place in the department hall and took place (15 rounds) between the two teams. The victory of the third stage student team. An enthusiastic and interactive atmosphere prevailed among the students, which had a positive reality for the debate participants and the rest of their colleagues.

 (Poetry Forum) Second day

On Wednesday, 23/3/2022, a poetry morning was held, the first of its kind in the department. Our department hosted the poets of the General Union of Writers and Writers in Iraq. The poets enjoyed the beauty of their words to the audience. They mixed between science and literature and sang the love of the homeland and the beloved. Executive and official spokesman for the Union of Writers and Writers of Iraq, the poet (Omar Al-Saray) and the administrative assistant for the Department of Control and Systems Engineering, the poet Dr. Hazem Alshimary And the poet Dr. (Ali Abdel-Khaleq Abdel-Hadi) and the session was moderated by the poet (Osama Al-Badri) and its conclusion was held by distributing certificates of appreciation to the participating poets and giving them the shield of the oath in honor of their participation and giving.

(artistic events and volunteer campaign) third day

On Thursday, 3/24/2022, which is the last day of the cultural week of our department, artistic events were held, including exhibitions of sculpture and handicrafts by the artist Ahmed Haddad and the artist Diaa Al-Khazali, in addition to the participation of a number of members and students of our department in the activity of drawing on the gardens of the presidency of the university and displaying artistic drawings, and then a campaign A voluntary work, which is planting seedlings and roses that decorated the university garden, started by the head of the department and then the faculty members and students.

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