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Laser Engineering Projects 2017-2018

University of Technology

The Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering

Laser Engineering Program

Final Year Project for the Academic Year 2017 – 2018

Project Title


Students Groups Names

Theoretical Study the Matching between RF Power Supply and Tube for Gas

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdulwahhab Minshid

Noora Ali Abbas

Zahraa Nassir Najim

Dunia Shihab Ahmed

Design a Laser Fiber Sensor for Globose Detection Measurements

Prof. Dr. Fareed Faris Rasheed

Dua’a Abdulsahib Hussain

Batool Muqdad Hatim

Optimization of Heat Management in Solid State Laser Rod to Maximize output Power

Prof. Khalid Salim Shebeb

Byariq Abdulsalam Mohammed

Maryam Abdulkareem Kadhim

Measurement of Thermal Conductivity for Some Metals using Laser Radiation

Assist. Prof. Dr. Kadhim Abid Hubaiter

Hind Alaa Jawad

Mohammed Ismail Smeen

Theoretical Design Considerations of Slow Axial FlowCO2 Laser

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jalal Abdulrazaq

Mohammed Fadhil Abbas

Ahmed Ali Mayouf

Surface Modification of 2024-T3 Allay by Laser Shock Processing

Assist. Prof. Dr. Razi Jabur

Wdyan Faris Mahmood

Safa Hayder Ameen

Design and Simulation of Highly Reflected Mirror used in 2nd Harmonic Nd:YAG Laser

Assist. Prof. Aseel Abdul-Ameer

Rooz Mohammed Yass

Tuqa Sabah Hassan

Design and Implementation of Pulsed Laser Diode Power Supply

Assist. Prof. Dr. Jassim Kadhim Hmood

Zainab Sadiq Kadhim

Sarah Adnan Ma’atooq

Characteristics of Erbium-Ytterbium Co – Doped Fiber Amplifier Under Two Different Configurations

Dr. Abdullah Khudier Abbas

Aseel Ali Khudier

Hijran Hammed Nassir

Study the Effect of Laser Energy on the Structure Properties for Nano ZnS Thin Films

Dr. Suad Mahmood Kadhim

Dhafar Adnan Sahi

Noor Qassim Jabier

Study of Surface Plasmon Resonance using MatLab

Dr. Ali Abdul-Khaliq

Sarmad Mahmood Ali

Sajaad Awad Kadhim

Applications of Laser Light in Security Systems

Assist. Lect. Wijdan Hamodi Multaq

Zahraa Ali Masoud

Ghufran Mudhar Jawher

Study the Characterization of Optical Polarization in Free Space Transmission

Assist. Lect. Ali Hameed Abdulhadi

Reem Abdulammer Qanbar

Kawther Hussaim Muhsin

Design and Er Doped-Fiber Amlifier

Assist. Lect. Marwa Sabah Muhsin

Dania Hussain Mohammed

Tiba Ali Jawad

Milad Mohammed Shihab


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