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Enrollment requirements For Undergraduates

Enrollment requirements

In general, the process of accepting students at the department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering is centrally controlled by the Central Admission Office, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Researches (MoHE). It takes the responsibility of distributing graduated students from secondary schools on different universities in Iraq. The department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering decides the number of students to be admitted for each academic year for each program. The number of students requested is sent to the central admission office in the MoHE accumulated with other department’s capacities by the UoT. As long the university sent the total capacity of admitted students, the MoHE tries to fulfill each department needs, based on their baccalaureate exam performance, wishes, and available places at the universities. There is a privilege for student whose one of her/his parents working as an academic staff in MHE. She/he can choose the program directly. The figure 1.1 shows the number of students enrolled to the optoelectronics program of engineering for the last five years. To be accepted at the Laser and Optoelectronics program, or any other department, students have to fulfill the following criterions:

1- Holding an Iraqi ID.

2- Applicants must grant the full-time official Iraqi secondary school certificate.

3- Born on 1991 onwards.

4- Mentally and medically qualified. All applicants must hold an Iraqi medical certificate.

5- Applicants have no permission to combine between studying and governmental job.

6- Applicants have no permission to combine between different studies.

7- Non-Iraqi students who are holding an official Iraqi certificate have to contact Central admission office\ Arrival division to exemption and/or claim them of their tuition fees.

8- OPE program accepts the top 10 ranked Iraqi graduates from technical institutions who hold a diploma certificate in technical methodology.

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