E-Learning Progress

The e-learning system was activated in the Department of Laser and optoectronics Engineering in accordance with the directives of the Presidency of the University of Technology and according to the following steps

  • Forming an e-learning committee in the department:

Prof. Khalid Salem Shabib

Assistant lecturer Zahraa Sabeeh Qasim

Senior Engineer Lina Aqil Salman

Engineer Nour Abdelkader

  • Submit the registration form for the official mail of the department students on the link: https://goo.gl/forms/7VMRhkTgk9E3SSZj1
  • Addressing the Information Technology Center to establish official accounts for students enrolled in the first stage
  • A workshop was held to educate teachers on using the e-learning system / Google classroom
  • Conducting a workshop to educate the first students of the morning and evening studies to use this system
  • Start the establishment of google classroom for the first stage, adding the teachers and their students according to scientific subjects

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