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Optoelectronics Engineering Projects For 2011-2012


Optoelectronics Engineering Projects For 2011-2012


اسم الطالب
مشروع التخرج
أ.م. خالد سالم شبيب
حسنين علي كاظم
Pulse parameters effect on cornea thermal damage
م.شمس باسل علي
زينب غانم حسين
Study the effective change in parameters of laser pulse
deposition on some physical properties of thin films
م.م سرمد فوزي
إسراء سعد جاسم
Newest technologies of laser printing
ا.م.د. محمد عدنان
آيات نزار نوري
Design and implementation of laser pen to learn the writing
ا.م.د. محمد عدنان
سنار سمير جسام
Study of femtosecond laser spectroscopy
أ.م.د. كاظم عبد حبيتر
بسمة مهدي كاظم
design of gas mixture cell to measure the effect of pressure
on refractive index
م.م علي عبد الخالق
سيف حسام رشيد
Study the effect of laser light on silicon welding at lap joint of
transparent materials
م.م حيدر مهدي
هبة سلمان محمود
Design and construction programmable home security alarm
م.م قمر قاسم محمد
نغم محمود شريف
Laser distance measurement
أ.م.د. محمد عبد الوهاب
عدي بدر تركي
Design and construction of laser scanning system
أ.د.محمد صالح مهدي
نور شوقي عبد
Control and tracking system used quadrant photo diode
أ.م.د. محمد عبد الوهاب
بارق صلاح
Finite elements analysis of output power for Nd:YAG laser
م.د. محمد جلال
هبه جاسم محمد
Performance analysis of laser diode end- pumped Nd:YAG
م.د. هشام محمد أحمد
مروه رمضان احمد
Design of a simple analog laser communication system
أ.د.محمد صالح مهدي
علياء فائق سعود
Use of optical fiber for environmental



As part of the scientific activities of our department, Prof. Dr. (Mohamed Abdel Wahab Monshed) -
Assistant Prof. Dr. Ayad Zuwain Mohammed, head of the laser engineering branch in our department
Assistant Prof. Dr Ayad Zuwain Mohammed, head of the laser engineering branch in our department and
Assistant Prof. Dr. Ayad  Zouein Mohamed, Head of Laser Engineering in our department, published
Prof. Khaled Salem Shabib - Administrative Assistant in our department and student (Duha Shaker
Assistant Professor Dr. (Moayad Yahya Khudair) member of the teaching staff in our department has
The meeting of the General Assembly was held in our department on Wednesday 2/10/2019 and in the
The graduate students listed below in our department have been delivered a seminar on Thursday
The graduate students (Masters) / research in our department listed below gave a seminar on
 The dissertation of the master's student (Fatima Saad Hakkor) majored in optical electronics

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