Department Activities for 2012-2013

 Website design

Associate engineer (Noha Sahib Abdel Nabi) employee in our department participated in the web design course, which is located in the training center and laboratories.


The members of our department joined the training unit in a training workshop for trainers (Sarah Hossein Omran, "Associate Member", student Mohammed Ezzat, student at Fadel).

The workshop was held by the Unit and in cooperation with the US Agency for International Development. The workshop discussed the concepts of work in the private sector, where a detailed explanation was given to the method of presenting the graduate student to work in the private sector.

First: Methods of applying for employment in the private sector.

Second: Writing the CV.

Third:  Psychological and moral encouragement for newly graduated students to engage in the private sector.


The workshop was held at the University of Sulaymaniyah / Faculty of Science / Mathematics Department at the invitation of the French Mathematical Organization (CIMPA) under the supervision of Dr. Abdeljalil Al-Nashoui. (Inverse problems), a modern method to solve differential equations for the flow of fluids and heat transfer in various materials and was attended by the University of Salah al-Din and Sulaymaniyah. also he attended another seminars at the University of Salahaddin on the subject.

 Orientation lecture

The department delivered a lecture to the students of the first stage by Dr.D. Kazem Abdul Huter, Head of the Laser Engineering Branch, and Dr. Walid Yassin Head of the branch of optical electronics engineering) during which he explained the definition of the department and its farm and the contents of the department of laboratories.

In order to provide students with information that helps them in selecting branches and then distributed to their branches by registering the department.

 Scientific promotion

(Dr. Iyad Zuen Mohammed) has been promotion from the rank of lecturer to the rank of assistant professor


The presence of a number of our teachers attended the proceedings of the first international architectural conference on "Architectural and urban development of the city of Baghdad" held in our university

Participating names:

1- Prof. Mohammed Saleh Mahdi.

2- Dr. Soad Mahmoud Kazem

3- Iman Youssef Nasser

4- m. Aseel Abdel Amir Shagati

5- m. Gaseous gas

6- Qamar Qasim Mohammed

7- Hiba Hassan Abdullah

8 - Zahra Mohammed Ali

9 - Esra Qahtan Hamid

10 - Marwa Sabah Mohsen

 Second youth cultural festival

Our department participated in three graduation projects at the Second Youth Cultural Festival which was held at the University of Technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports / Talents and Scientific Creativity. Two of them won first prizes for the student (Aqeel Rahim Abdul Hussein) / The optical electronics engineering branch, and the student Mai Abdul Karim participated in the student debate which was held at the university theater, which culminated in the winning of her team a material prize granted by the ministry.

 Scientific promotion

Faculty Member in the Department of Assistant Professor (Khalid Salem Shabib) has been promoted from the rank of Assistant Professor to the rank of Professor and Dr. (Sinan Majid Abdul Sattar) from the rank of lecturer to the rank of Assistant Professor.

 Volunteer visit

A number of staff members of our department in cooperation with the Machinery Department visited the orphans under the slogan of the campaign (palm palm). The visit included the distribution of a number of gifts to the children and the establishment of a number of competitions and events for children to draw joy and joy on their faces

The names of the participants :

1- Mayada Mohammed Taher

2- Zahra Mohammed Ali

3- Engineer Gardenia Riyadh

4- Physician  Milad Nizar

 Mother festival

The presence of a member of the media committee of the department (Osama Zeid Faleh) Festival (the mother of Iraq sacrifice, loyalty and tender), which was held at the Hall of the Pharmacists Club in Baghdad, it is noteworthy that the festival was full of participations that sung the love of Iraq and the Iraqi nation has been honored leading artists in the Iraqi drama, Disabled athletes participating in the Italy Games were also honored as a special band of disabled people. The initiative "Iraqi and peace my hobby" was also implemented and all the participants signed the initiative.


The participation of the listed individuals in the symposium titled (The importance of scientific research and quality systems in Iraq) held at the University of Technology - Applied Science Department.


1 - Dr. Mahdi Manshid Shallal.

2- Zahra Mohammed Ali.


The participation of the listed individuals in the National Comprehensive Conference of Nanotechnology held at the University of Technology and were honored with certificates of appreciation.


1- Prof. Mohammed Saleh Mahdi

2 - Dr. Kazem Abdul Hbeiter

3-  Makram Abdel Muttalib

4- lect. Shams Bassel Ali

5- lect. Anmar Gasi

 Thanks and appreciation

The Wasit Governorate Council presented a letter of thanks and appreciation to Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saleh Mahdi, Head of the Department, in appreciation of the efforts made And fruitful through his visit to the province of Wasit to assess the scientific reality of the College of Kut University, which is the first civil college in the province.

 Course training

Participation of the participants in our department listed below in the course (methods of preparation of nanowires) held at the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center.

Names :

1- lect. Anmar Nateq Gasi

2 – lect. Shams Bassil Ali


The head of the department (Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Mahdi) and teaching in our department (A. Khalid Salem Shabib) to the College of Kut University / Wasit province within the committee formed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for a period of four days from 2013/25 to 2013/2/28 for the requirements of opening the above faculty and opening a department for laser engineering and optoelectronics

 General assembly

The meeting of the general assembly of teachers was held in our department on 24/2/2013 in the presence of the head of the department, the assistants and the heads of the branches. And in the presence of the teaching of the department and the hall of the department and discussed things related to the department uniform uniform for students and duties of teaching attendance. And monitoring and discuss the requirements of the teaching process and what is needed for teaching and scientific laboratories of equipment and supplies as well. Discuss the insult to the participation of the department in the scientific and cultural festivals and activities.

 Book publication

The totor in our department Dr. Sabah Aziz Dhaher composed the computer book for the institute of teachers preparation for the first, second and third stages and the Fine Arts Institute for the second stage commissioned by the Ministry of Education - Directorate General of Curriculum.

 Conversation circle

The participation of a faculty member in our department (M. Ahmed Gead Kazem) in a seminar entitled (Nanotechnology and its applications in electronic engineering), which was held on 10/11/2012 in the Department of Electrical Engineering.

 Conversation circle

A faculty member in our department (Dr. Mahdi Manshid Shalal) participated in a panel discussion entitled "Electronic Governance" which was held on 18/10/2012 in the Department of Electrical Engineering.