اخبار القسم en

اخبار القسم en


The participation of Assistant Prof. Dr. Ali Hadi Abdel-Moneim - Member of the faculty in our department of the Master's Student Committee (Abbas Saadoun Mohsen) at Mustansiriya University - Faculty of Education.

Football win 22/11

The team of our football department (students) won in front of the computer engineering department team (3-0) on Thursday, 22/11/2018 in the championship of the president of the respected university of football (students)

Lecture of the birth of the Prophet Muhammed

Lecture of the birth of the Prophet Muhammed

The presentation of the educational lecture in our section by Mr. Abdullah Sadiq Abdul Hussein, the coordinator of the holy upper threshold on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the great Prophet Muhammad  on Wednesday, 21/11/2018 in the presence of a number of employees and students of the department.

Laser in Industry and Advanced Technologies

Under the auspices of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Amin Douai Thamer, the Department of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering - Laser Engineering Branch held the scientific seminar entitled: (Laser in Industry and Advanced Technologies), which was held on 22/11/2018 in the graduate hall of our department, The symposium was opened with the national anthem and the reading of verses from the Holy Quran. The workshop included two sessions, the first session included two lectures entitled:

(New method in measured tissue optical properties using laser)

and the second lecture entitled:

(Thermal laser sensor technique). (Khalid Salem Shabib) and (Dr. A
yad Zwain Mohammed). The session was moderated by Prof. Fareed Faris Rasheed as Chairman and Dr. Mohammad Jalal Abdul Razzaq as Rapporteur. The second session was chaired by Dr (Abdel Hadi Kazem Alarafi) and Dr. (Ali Abdul Khaleq Abdul Hadi) as Rapporteur of the session was the first lecture entitled:

(The challenges Ahead for Laser Macro, Micro and Nano Manufacturing)

The second lecture was titled: "Laser sensor in oil industry". It was presented by Dr. Kazem Abdel Hutter and Dr. Suad Mahmoud Kazem. At the end of the seminar recommendations were written and certificates were distributed.



New Student Welcome Day

The reception committee was supervised by Administrative Assistant Prof. Khalid Salem Shabib, and Educational Supervisor in the Department, Chairman of the Reception Committee Dr. Suad Mahmoud Kazim,  for the new students and in the presence of the heads of the branches, to receive the new students in our department on Monday 5/11/2018. For the department, its branches, its laboratories and the fields of work of the graduate.






Thanks 9/10

The members of the faculty in our department, Abdul Hadi Kazem and Dr. Suad Mahmoud Kazem have received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the distinguished President of the University of Technology for the efforts exerted by them in supervising the master student (Hussein AbdulIlahh Abdul Jalil), which resulted in the student's effort and perseverance in completing the requirements of the study before the end of the specified period.


The Department’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative. The 2019 GIST Tech-I Competition offers young science and technology innovators and entrepreneurs an opportunity to compete for mentorship, training, and seed capital to advance their ventures. Early stage science and technology startups will earn a spot by applying through an online application.  Each application will be reviewed by experts to pick the top applicants.  Top applicants will go on to a global public vote, and the top 24 startups will receive a paid trip to the 2019 GEC in Bahrain for the final round of the Tech-I Competition.  Finalists will both gain international visibility from pitching their ideas at GEC 2019, and compete for over $35,000 in seed capital and $200,000 in Amazon Cloud Computing credits. In addition, all finalists will receive extensive training and mentoring before the GEC and up to three months of mentorship following the GEC.  The GIST 2019 Tech-I Competition implementers are the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
Applications for the 2019 GIST Tech-I Competition will be accepted now through November 23, 2018.  Applicants should submit responses to questions on their science or technology innovation along with a 90-second video explaining their idea or product/service at http://bit.ly/TechI2019
To date, OES/STC’s GIST program has connected over 2.8 million youth with entrepreneurship resources through the State Department’s social media platforms, trained over 8,400 startups, and created a network of over 600,000 motivated young entrepreneurs.  These combined efforts have led to remarkable scientific and technological innovations – from revolutionary self-cleaning solar panel technology to low cost water filtration systems for rural, off-grid communities.  GIST is composed of a variety of entrepreneurship tools including:
·        The GIST Network online innovation hub helps the most connected generation in history learn from peers and successful entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 
·        GIST TechConnects are monthly, interactive webchats where a live panel of U.S. experts field questions on entrepreneurship topics from the international community of startups. 
·        In-country GIST Startup Trainings and Innovation Hubs offer on-the-ground training and mentorship to promote in-country entrepreneurship networks, develop local role models, and strengthen innovation ecosystems through follow-on monthly meetup groups building a community of best practice. 
The annual pitch competitions allow entrepreneurs from emerging economies to compete for mentorship, training, and seed capital.  Check out www.GISTNetwork.org for details on this year’s competitions. 

Announcement 17/9 seminar

A virtual scientific symposium entitled "Steam Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathmatics" will be held on Monday 17/9/2018 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, at Electrical Engineering, which will be presented by Mr. Jim Egenreider as part of the US Professional Visitor Program for Iraq. Please participate in this seminar.

Announcement 16/9

To the postgraduate students the day of the beginning of lectures will be on Sunday 16-9-2018.

Training 9/9

Our department held the course of laboratory safety rules for 5 days starting from 9/9/2018. The assistant professor Dr. Makram Abdel Muttalib Fakhry, Director of the Laboratory Division under the supervision of Prof. Khlied Salem Shabib, Administrative Assistant, Department of Civil Defense in the Department, where the curriculum included explaining general concepts of laboratory safety, characterization and division of personal protective equipment in laboratories, in addition to explaining and clarifying types of fire inside laboratories and types of prevention methods, general safety in laboratories and emergency plan and first aid methods for the injured. The participants successfully passed the course.


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