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اخبار القسم en


The Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit held an awareness lecture regarding the importance of knowledge of the university community in the department of laser and optoelectronics engineering postgraduate hall on Nov, 2022





























Tuqa Sabah Hassan Thesis Defence



Tuqa Sabah Hassan defense "Preparation and characterization of Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles by laser ablation for some biomedical applications" in Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering has held on Nov. 15th, 2022 at the department of laser and optoelectronics engineering.


































Scientific Symposium

 The department of laser and optoelectronics engineering held a scientific symposium on Advanced Fiber Laser Applications in the department's postgraduate hall. The topics covered include:

Symposium topics:

1. Design, implementation, advantages, and applications of FBG-RFL (Presented by: Prof. Dr. Salah Aldeen A. Taha)

2. Design and analysis of pulsed fiber laser based on nanomaterials absorption method for long haul communications (Presented by Assist. Prof. Aseel Abdulameer)

3. Advanced trends in  Q - Switched fiber laser (Presented by: Dr. Ali Hameed Abdulhadi)

4. Metal coloring using fiber lasers (Presented by Mrs. Ayat K. Rahma)


































Honoring Scientists

Dr. Makram A. Fakhri, a faculty member of Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering was acknowledged as one of the leaders in publishing and has been recognized by the University of Technology President for his achievements in publishing a number of scopus-indexed research in 2022.
































Sport Achievement

Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering student "Zahraa Salman" was awarded the 3rd rank in the University of Technology annual tennis tournament 2022. 


































Ansam Issa Abdulwahhab Thesis Defence

Ansam Essam Abdulwahhab defense "Optimization of hole drilling process in different polymer materials (PMMA and PC) by laser ablation" in Laser and Optoelectronics Engineering has held on Nov. 14th, 2022 at the department of laser and optoelectronics engineering.

































Thesis Defense Amnah Saleh

The thesis of the master's student (Amnah Saleh) specializing in Laser engineering was discussed for her thesis :

A plasmon laser sensor for intermodal interface patterns based on image processing

On Monday 17/10/2022, the thesis was accepted and the student was awarded a master's degree 

Scientific Activities (Prof. Dr. Jassim K Hmood)

Within the scientific activities of our department,  Prof. Dr. (Jassim K Hammoud), head of the department, headed by the defense committee for the master's student (Nisreen Muhammad Ghanem) - Department of Computer Engineering about the entitled thesis:

(Secure Optical Communication Based on Chaotic Design)

The thesis defense took place on Monday, 24/10/2022 in the central hall.

Administrative Leadership Skills courses

Prof. Dr. (Jassem K Hammoud) - Head of the Department, participated in the course of administrative leadership skills in the halls of the Continuing Education Center and the Department of Control and Systems, where the tracks of the course focused on developing leadership skills in administrative processes, administrative leadership, change management, as well as time management. The course lecturer, Dr. Khalil Al-Ani, discussed the objectives of the course with the participants, referring to the formation of a future vision in managing scientific departments, and providing participants with the skills of change and time management in organizing their work. 


Projects Exhibition Honoring

The projects of the students of our department / fourth stage / laser branch (Sarah Saad Jassim), (Ali Muhammad Siddiq Abdul-Karim), and (Zahra Salman Kazem) were honored in the celebration of Projects Exhibition (Engineering Imprint of Excellence) 2022 at the Innovative Students Club on 10/29/2022, which included 35 scientific projects distinguished by innovation and creativity, and they received certificates of appreciation from the President of the University. 


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